7 March 2022

I listened to a RunAsRadio podcast which mentioned that Azure Virtual Desktop is the PaaS update to Windows Virtual Desktop, specifically that it allows you to create and manage it with ARM templates, just like any other Azure resource. And hopefully also Bicep. That sounds like it might be an improvement on Azure DevTest Labs which I’ve tried previously. Although in the end you’re still working on a VM in Azure, which is never as good as working on your own laptop.

Follow the quickstart:

  • create a Azure Virtual Desktop Management resource
    • I’m not quite sure that that did :confused:
    • I deleted it again afterwards
  • create a host pool
    • first needed to create a virtual network
    • it didn’t allow me to select it :confused:
    • I refreshed the page, losing everything I’d entered so far :cry:, and then it let me choose the VNet
  • the next thing I need to do is MSIX packages, and I gave up at this point
    • it was easier with Azure DevTest Labs because I could add packages with Chocolatey
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