5 May 2022

I read this artice about Netflix’s ML architecture. The article is well-written and well-structured, with a nice lessons-learned section at the end. It describes the balance between keeping it simple, not prematurely optimising, but at the same time the benefit of optimising for scale early.

A report about a GitHub breach. The interesting thing about this is that Travis CI and Heroku downplayed the severity, but (much) later took action. GitHub also later reported that the attack was highly targeted.
It’s also a good reminder to not store credentials in source code repos, even private ones. Hackers also target source code, eg Lapsus$. Even better is data minimization, need to know, or whatever. Developers shouldn’t even have access to production credentials, and so there’s no way you could (accidentally) put it in the source code repo. that the attack was highly targeted.

A walkthrough of Azure Container Apps. It seems like this is the desired end results of Kubernetes, ie you define the container and Azure runs it on k8s for you, without you having to worry about the k8s infrastructure.

Microsoft Graph’s Journey to .NET 6. Interesting article about how modernising the code to use latest .Net Core and new language features reduces CPU usage significantly. It also goes into detail about the migration steps. It doesn’t talk about the migration from ADAL to MSAL that we’ve been struggling with later, but that’s another story.

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