06 September 2021

  • always use Service Bus, not Event Grid

  • Storage Emulator is deprecated, but they don’t say how long it’ll be supported
  • Table Storage is in preview on Azurite

  • nice way to deploy web apps that are mostly static
  • also integrates well with functions backend
  • also a local cli/emulator
  • it automatically creates SSL cert for custom domains
  • navigation fallback to handle client-side routing
  • auth is built in, with emulator to emulate any user you feel like
  • it creates a staging environment for each PR

  • dashboard for PIM, JIT access, etc
  • eligible authorizations - rules to allow JIT access, eg MFA, approvers - access that people can request


  • another framework, like React, Vue, etc - very similar, but intended to be more efficient in use of DOM etc


  • looks like a cross between JS and C++
  • it seems like it’s meant as an improvement of C++, with better memory management and concurrency, and without the garbage collection of managed languages


  • it’s meant to be easy like Python, but faster and with concurrency
  • meant for server apps
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