12 February 2024

Understanding C# 8 default interface methods

Seems like a hack that’s supposed to make migration easier. But there are gotchas, and I think it’s better to just bite the bullet and do the migration properly, ie add the method to the interface and all the implementations.

System architects, software architects and tech leads

A couple of related blog posts.

The first one makes the distinction between a couple of types of architect:

  • Systems architecture deals with the architecture of the system as a whole
  • Software architecture deals with languages, technologies, software patterns, etc

The second one describes a tech lead’s role as being more hands-on and embedded within the dev team. They bridge the gap between the strategic direction set by architects and the day-to-day development activities.

Security at Startup

Kinda security for dummies. The point of this is that you should think of security as soon as you start building something.
I guess it’s the same as testing - it’s usually low on the list of priorities at the start, but the sooner you start, the less it costs in the long run.

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