3 April 2024

Security at Startup

Nice article explaining why you should always think about security from day one.

The Silk Wasm: Obfuscating HTML Smuggling with Web Assembly

Interesting idea to hide binary code in html as base64 (an old idea), but then load it as WebAssembly.

Lock statement patterns

New locking code in .Net 9 - System.Threading.Lock.

C# 12: Primary Constructors

Nice description of primary constructors. Personally I’m still not convinced that this is an improvement - it looks like another attempt to reduce the number of lines of code at the expense of reducing functionality.

Timeline of the XZ Utils attack

The XZ Utils attack is an interesting example of how a popular open source library with a single maintainer was compromised in a supply chain attack that introduced a widespread backdoor to many Linux distros.

This article goes into detail about the effort that was made to allow this attack to happen.

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