First start by installing it and creating a hello world app by following the instructions here.

Then follow the HTTP server example.

mkdir hello-world
cd hello-world
go mod init example/hello-world

create and edit hello-world.go as per the tutorial.

go run .

Yep, that worked!

Visit localhost to see it.

Skip routing and database, and get into templates.

The next thing I looked at is json handling and then I think I know enough for now.

I like that it’s so simple to build a simple web server with the basics built in (templates, json, etc). It’s scalable, performant, secure, etc.

To me it looks like a functional language to me, but it’s not.

It also looks a lot like Node.js.

I’ve tried Node.js before, but never used it seriously. From what I’ve seen in this quick intro, and by doing a quick Google, next time I’m tempted to use Node.js, I’ll try Go instead. It seems like it’s better in many ways.

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