08 December 2023

.Net Blazor SSR

A bit of a history of Blazor and the criticisms its had along the way and its response to them, the latest of which is static site rendering.

They still haven’t convinced me. I still think you’re better off with a Javascript framework and SSR from something like Nuxt.

Enriching logs with [TagProvider] and ILogEnricher

Starting with a summary of the previous post which describes how you can add a LoggerMessage attribute to a method and it’ll generate code that logs a message.

It then goes on to explain how to use the [TagProvider] attribute to customize which properties to add to the logs, for examples only log temperature if it’s less than zero.

It can also be used globally, similarly to Serilog enrichment.

Dev Drive

This looks good, and I’ve heard good reports about it.

A new file system that’s designed specifically for developer workloads.

Critique, Google’s code review tool

Good explanation of Google’s code review process and why it works so well and why this tool is much loved.

A Decade of Have I Been Pwned

One of my top internet idols. 10 years of reporting on security breaches. Following him, and more recently his fellow aussie Patrick Gray, are what keeps me aware that security is real.

Writing Is Thinking

Another nice take on the idea that it’s good to write blogs (like this one!) to help get your own thoughts clear. Producing something that you can share to other people is an added bonus.

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